Augentwitt – Pictures Grabber from Twitter

Warning / Be warned : The tool is made for downloading pictures coming from the streaming API of twitter. The pictures donwloaded are originally posted by the twitter users.

Some pictures can contain explicit violence or sexual scene.

If you download and/or run the tool, you agree that I won’t be responsible for:

  • The content of the pictures downloaded in your computer

  • The consequences of using this tool in an inappropriate place or/and with an inappropriate public.

Version Comments
1.0 Download

Augentwitt use the sample method from the stream api to grab random image from Twitter.

How does it works ?

Random Streaming

Download the zip and extract it.

  • If you’re on windows, click on Augentwitt.bat
  • If you’re on linux / mac click on
  • If you like terminal, >> java -jar Augentwitt.jar

For the first use, you’ll have to follow OAuth steps to connect Augentwitt with your account.

A new directory will be created  for each launch and pictures will be downloaded inside.

Query Streaming

If you want to perform a research by query, edit the .bat/.sh file so that the command line looks like :

java -jar Augentwitt.jar word1 word2 word3

Why ?

Just an experiment to see live what the world is twitting in terms of pictures